Google Keep is a free, cross-platform note taking app from Google. Google launched it back on March 20, 2013. I have been using it as my primary note taking app since then. It is free, simple, and easy to use. It has 1 billion+ downloads, 1 million+ reviews, and a 4.4 star in Google Play Store. In this article, I’ll give 5 reasons why I think Google Keep is the best note-taking app for you.  

Google Keep is Easy to Use: 

Google Keep is easy to use. The user interface is simple and minimal. The user interface is divided into three parts or sections. The search bar, settings icon, and list/gird view button are there. On the left, there is a sidebar. You can access archives, labels, reminders, and trash from here. This section can be hidden using a toggle button. All your notes stay in the middle part. You can take new notes and/or open old notes from here.

A True Cross-Platform Note-Taking App:

Google Keep is an ideal cross-platform note-taking app. Imagine you are primarily an iPhone user but use a Windows laptop at home or work. Or, you use both Android phone and iPhone regularly. In both cases, you want to take notes using an app that plays well across all your devices. Apple Note is not that since you cannot access Apple Notes from other devices outside of the Apple ecosystem. However, when you choose Google Keep, you can access your notes across all your devices. You can take notes from a Windows laptop or MacBook. There is a dedicated Google Keep app for iOS, iPad OS, Wear OS, and Android. Whatever your device is, your notes will be safe and easily accessible. 

Note-Taking, Searching, Shopping List, Labels, Reminders, and so on:

Google Keep is a feature-rich note-taking app. You can create:

You can also draw with your fingers, add web links (URLs), change the background color, undo, and redo.

Easy Collaboration and Google Docs Support: 

Google Keep is free for all Gmail users. Moreover, all your notes are synced with your Google Account. So, when you change your device, you will not lose your old notes. You can share your notes with other Google users using their Gmail. You can copy your Google Keep notes to Google Docs. 

Strong Search Feature: 

Google Keep has an excellent search feature. You can search using Types, Labels, Things, and People. In seconds you can find whatever you are searching for. 

What is the primary task of a note-taking app? 

The primary task of a note-taking app is to help you take notes. It has to be easy to use and easier to access. A great note-taking app will help you take and access notes without friction. A great note-taking app will have a fantastic search and organize feature so that you can arrange all your notes in accordance with your need. I and most people like me use 20% of the features 80% of the time. Google Keep is the best note-taking app for you because:

Google Keep does the basics very well. It has all the features you use and needs every day. So, I recommend Google Keep to everyone. 

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