Staying Informed in Today’s Cyber World

This past Friday Facebook disclosed that they have identified a security breach in their network that directly affected 50 million users globally. As many as 90 million users have been automatically logged out and required to log in again from their respective devices. This is not the first time that a major tech giant got hacked (or their security have been breached) and I doubt that this would be the last time. As a consumer, it’s hard to keep track of everything we are doing online including signing up for newsletters, register for an account or simply using an email address to do something. And as more and more organizations are falling victim to the cyber attacks, more users data are being popped up in some shady internet sites. This is creating a huge problem as some organizations are trying to cover-up the security breach or just downplay the effect. And many don’t inform their users on time so that the user can minimize the exposure to the risk.

Firefox Monitor Webpage  

Luckily, Mozilla, the maker of open source web browser Firefox, has introduced a free and easy service to address this issue. They have introduced Firefox Monitor, a service that uses an email address to check whether that address has been affected by any publicly known hacking or already disclosed security breach. In addition, they also provide some basic password security and safety tips that a common internet user should know and follow in day to day activity over the internet.

Try it out and inform others about it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.